We serve to help maintain independence & comfort.

Servicing the Annapolis Valley area

Auto & pets

Helping Seniors & others stay
in their home longer

‚ÄčWe can assist you in your home maintenance or repair requirements, and if it is outside of our expertise, we can help you source a credible service provider.

We provide a number of errand and information services for our clientele to assist in increased quality of life. Services may include general errands, informational requests, setting dinner reservations, making telephone calls, researching travel arrangements and more. We are pleased to assist.


Insured & Bonded for

your protection...

We even offer some automotive services as well as service to help keep your beloved pet healthy, happy & able to provide continued loving companionship. 

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concierge  Services

General home repairs & maintenance

You can rest easy knowing we are insured & bonded

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